Disaster Recovery Solution for Campbells Prime Meat Ltd.

Kinetek design and deliver a backup and disaster recovery solution for Campbells Prime Meat Ltd. (turnover £50m+). 

With our help the critical IT systems of Campbells’ high transaction, fast turnaround distribution business are now always working and available.

Campbells’ IT systems play a crucial role in meeting the day to day challenges of managing a fast moving business, where speed and efficiency are crucial to success. They depend on us to deliver a robust, reliable IT infrastructure and a secure, highly available IT system.

The team at Kinetek have been Campbells’ trusted IT partner for over 10 years. Our understanding of distribution businesses is reflected in our proactive approach, we make certain the systems that support the business are up to the job. 

Kinetek’s disaster recovery service provides us with unlimited backups, off-site replication and DR servers in the cloud for all our keys systems. It has replaced our traditional backup to disk, duplicate to tape and a basic stand-alone DR Service with an all-encompassing end-to-end solution.”
Stephen Sweeney, Finance Director, Campbells Prime Meat Ltd

Kinetek’s backup and recovery solution for Campbells

The benefits of our virtualisation and managed recovery solution

  • We reduced the time and costs Campbells were burdened with in managing and maintaining their aging hardware. We achieved this by removing and replacing multiple servers with a single virtualized environment. This had the added benefit of reducing their power costs.
  • We significantly reduced the time it takes to commission new virtualised servers. In doing so we enabled the rapid implementation of new solutions to increase business efficiency.
  • We eliminated downtime for server maintenance, which has saved Campbells’ the overtime costs that are often associated with ‘catching up’.
  • We automated daily backups to increase reliability, and reduce management and license fee costs. Campbells now have a simplified and fully automated process that is monitored by us.
  • We ensured Campbells’ data security by utilising a complete off-site replication to a secure data centre with unlimited restore capabilities.
  • We implemented a highly resilient, fully managed Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution, based on the latest Dell hardware. It replicates Campbells’ entire IT environment to a leading UK Data Centre.All key servers are on ‘live standby’ allowing the business to be fully operational within 4 hours of a serious failure. Campbells can be confident that if disaster strikes, access to their IT systems is no longer a barrier to their continued trading.
  • We save Campbells time and money by identifying potential problems across their infrastructure. We then resolve these problems before they can impact their business.
  • We enable Campbells to ensure their business processes are on track, and their customers receive their orders on time. We do this using our PRTG network monitoring service to ensure Campbells’ networks systems are highly available.

“Kinetek Solutions has consistently provided us with a quality IT support service. Having a partner that can be contacted even out of normal business hours is of paramount importance to us.”
Stephen Sweeney

About Campbells Prime Meat Limited

Campbells Prime Meat Limited is Scotland’s leading catering butcher, employing over 300 staff and a turnover of £50M+ pa.

The company, based near Edinburgh, supplies traditional fresh meat and deli products to hotels, restaurants and public service organisations throughout Scotland and Northern England. The success of the business has been built on their reputation for supplying top quality products to customers who rely on Campbells to always deliver on time.

With 24/7 ordering and guaranteed next day delivery, the company typically processes over 1000 orders everyday rising to 1500+ during peak trading.

Why choose Kinetek as your virtualisation and disaster recovery service provider?

We are a specialist Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provider, and we work with companies that need high availability systems and data security.

We have the knowledge and expertise to enable you to protect your business from disaster in a cost effective, secure and efficient manner.

We have a proven track record in providing exceptional customer support on a wide range of IT Systems.

Find out how partnering with us can benefit your business, call us on 01625 531413



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