Birchall Foodservice IT Infrastructure upgrade

Kinetek IT infrastructure upgrade delivers maximum ROI on investment.

IT plays a critical role in the support of business processes and operations, and by upgrading your IT infrastructure you can improve business efficiency and productivity.

Whilst making an infrastructure upgrade should be a priority for all organisations, too often businesses are put off by fears of cost and disruption. At Kinetek we provide a targeted and strategic approach, and implement upgrades in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption.

Birchall Foodservice is an independent, family-owned business established in the North of England in 1939. This family run business specialises in providing multi-temperature food delivery, with next day delivery for grocery, dairy, chilled, fresh and frozen products.  

At Kinetek we have a long-standing relationship with Birchall, it was this relationship, along with referrals from a number of existing clients including Campbells and Leathams, that made us a great fit for implementing the Birchall IT upgrade.

The Kinetek approach to IT infrastructure upgrades

Having worked with foodservice delivery companies for many years, we have an in-depth understanding of delivery service IT requirements.  Our experience within this sector has enabled us to help Birchall with their on-going IT upgrades and meet the challenges faced in this growing, high transactional and fast paced business.

The problem – having not implemented an IT upgrade for some time, Birchall found themselves working with outdated IT infrastructure that was becoming difficult to manage. Their systems were becoming fragmented and no longer fulfilled their changing business requirements.  In addition, capacity and scope for growth needed to be immediately addressed, as the company was about to embark on a series of upgrades to their ERP and warehouse management systems.

The Kinetek solution – we advised on a scalable, highly available platform to replace all old hardware, whilst significantly improving overall performance.  Our solution provided the capacity for the predicted future business growth.  With our approach to proactive support we also installed our Managed Network Monitoring solution to minimize downtime.

Leveraging the power of the new system we were able to virtualize the old system onto the platform, which meant they were no longer reliant upon their old, slow and failing hardware. The platform is scalable which meant we were able to deploy the new servers for their upcoming ERP upgrade and WMS upgrade. In addition, we have also undertaken a Windows Domain upgrade, Exchange Server upgrade, remote desk top services upgrade and SQL server upgrade – which have all been built on the new highly available platform.

The benefit - for the first time Birchall has a full highly available platform, redundancy built in at every level, full visibility of their network infrastructure, scalable and fault tolerant Enterprise class Dell Networking. With our help, Birchall is getting the maximum ROI from their new hardware platform investment.

For help with planning and implementing an IT infrastructure upgrade, call us at Kinetek on 01625 531413.




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