Rapid data recovery after a ZeptoLocker attack. 

In under 3 hours, our customer was back to business and their data completely restored

Cyber-crime is increasing, as highlighted by recent Symantec research, which reveals ransomware attacks have increased by 35% over the last year. So what is ransomware and what does it do? 

It’s an intelligent form of malware (virus). Cyber-criminals use encryption as a weapon to block system files using advanced algorithms that cannot be decrypted. Payment is demanded to decrypt the blocked content, with data held to ransom until businesses pay up. Examples of ransomware include CryptoLocker and ZeptoLocker.  An attack of this sort can be catastrophic for any business as there are normally only two options to address this:

  1.  Pay the fee
  2.  Rebuild the infected server

Kinetek restores customer data files in under 3 hours.

We were contacted by one of our largest customers, who advised us that they were having problems accessing files on one of their servers, and were unable to open documents they previously had no issue with.

The critical issue

After checking the files in question, we discovered that they had been encrypted and that a ransom fee was being demanded for the encryption key. While trying to open the files, a message was received to say that they’d been blocked and couldn’t be opened until the user agreed to pay an amount.

Our solution

We needed to act quickly to isolate where the Zeptolocker virus had come from. We studied one of these encrypted files, and were able to determine the user account that the file belonged to. The user’s files had been encrypted on the fileserver and terminal server, and further research enabled us to determine the time at which the files were infected. We immediately disabled this user account.

Knowing when the attack happened meant that we could use Rapid Recovery to check the backups prior to this time. Being able to determine the timing, meant we could restore from 1 hour prior to the attack. 

We resolved our customer’s issue within 3 hours - timed from the start of our investigation to the successful resolution of the issue. 

Kinetek back-up and recovery solutions can protect you from disaster.

In light of the disastrous impact ransomware can have on a business, it’s critical to have a backup and recovery plan in place, after all, no business wants to pay £1000s to unscrupulous individuals to unlock systems and data, with no guarantee of a successful resolution. It is important to make sure your data is fully recoverable at any moment in time.

By outsourcing your backup and recovery to us, you can be sure that your data is being managed safely. We provide backup-as-a-service to businesses of all sizes and types, and tailor-make solutions that best suit our customers’ individual requirements.

To discuss our back-up and recovery solutions, contact us at Kinetek on 01625 531413

Backup and Recovery Solution for Boutinot Wines.

Having an effective and up to date backup and recovery solution in place is vital to ensuring business continuity.

Failing to restore data can have far reaching consequences, which is why we at Kinetek, design and implement backup and recovery solutions that minimise service disruption and quickly get you back to work. We have 20 years of experience and have helped many UK businesses plan for disaster, which proved to be crucial during Boutinot’s office move.

Disaster Recovery Solution for Campbells Prime Meat Limited

Kinetek design and deliver a backup and disaster recovery solution for Campbells Prime Meat Ltd. (turnover £50m+). 

With our help the critical IT systems of Campbells’ high transaction, fast turnaround distribution business are now always working and available.

Break/Fix Efficiency Improved at inFAMous Soft Drinks.

Our Nexus 7 solution improved efficiency, enabled better stock control and reduced waste for inFAMous.

Within retail and manufacture, the use of mobile technology has led to significant improvements in supply chain management and break/fix efficiency. Which is the reason we recommended Nexus 7 tablets, to our customer who was looking to overcome the issues they were facing in maintaining services to their extensive client base.

Network Monitoring Solution for Leathams

Kinetek design and implement a resilient network infrastructure solution for Leathams Ltd.

Leathams is a food wholesale distributor with a turnover of more than £90m. It supplies customers across the whole food industry and has 160 users across 3 different sites. Its previous network design left the business exposed to multiple single points of failure, which were unacceptable for meeting the business requirements of a high-transaction fast order processing system.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade for Birchall Foodservice

IT plays a critical role in the support of business processes and operations, and by upgrading your IT infrastructure you can improve business efficiency and productivity.

Whilst making an infrastructure upgrade should be a priority for all organisations, too often businesses are put off by fears of cost and disruption. At Kinetek we provide a targeted and strategic approach, and implement upgrades in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption.

Rapid Recovery After a Ransomware Attack

In under 3 hours, our customer was back to business and their data completely restored

Cyber-crime is increasing, as highlighted by recent Symantec research, which reveals ransomware attacks have increased by 35% over the last year. So what is ransomware and what does it do? 



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