IT Virtualisation Services

Virtualisation is the consolidation of your IT hardware investment, which translates to a reduction of running and investment costs. Running many ‘virtual’ machines on single or multiple physical servers allows your business to maximize return on investment (ROI) and makes the most out of your IT hardware.

On-premises Microsoft Hyper-V

There are many benefits to adopting a virtual infrastructure and we can offer guidance, support and a service that will enable you to completely transition to a Highly Available On-Premise private cloud. ROI, simplified infrastructure and high availability are within reach of all small and medium sized businesses wishing to leverage virtualisation without giving up control of these systems to third parties.

To discuss the benefits of our IT virtualisation Services in more detail, call us on 01625 531413.

Features of IT Virtualisation:

The key benefits of adopting virtualisation are:

  • Windows Server comes with Hyper-V for free.
  • Efficient use of hardware - meaning hardware is no longer wasted on a per-server basis. Resources are shared and businesses can be granular about how resources are allocated.
  • Simplified Management / Deployment - any server OS can be deployed onto the virtual environment 32Bit or 64Bit and the speed at which new servers can be provisioned and built is hours not days. Images can also be cloned in minutes.


IT Virtualisation Services Insights

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