VMWare vSphere

VMware and the product vSphere is a major player in the virtualisation space. They have been providing robust and reliable virtualisation technologies for over 20 years. VMware has a particular USP supporting SAP HANA workloads as well as other type of Unix based platforms. We utilise vSphere for our SAP B1 partners and customers to make sure that they are served with the very best, supported, virtualisation technologies in the market place.

vSphere allows companies to create software versions of physical computers. Each Virtual Machine behaves like a fully functioning computer running an Operating System and applications. Additional computer resources can be added at will, on demand to make sure that virtual machines perform optimally. vSphere isolates workloads and virtual machines in their own space within the physical machine. This allows for server consolidation and granular control of resource, whilst reducing problems such as servers crashing and affecting other workloads. This in turn benefit business via great ROI on hardware investments.

vSphere benefits:


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