SAP Business One - Remote working

Working from home has never been more topical or more crucial to the success, and in some cases, the survival of businesses facing the challenges brought about by COVID-19. 

For some, working from home may become the new normal and it is essential that home workers are able to access all their business applications in the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way possible. Kinetek’s Infrastructure Hosting Solutions for SAP Business One are designed from the ground up to do exactly that. 

Remote Desktop Services ensure a quick, simple and secure connection to all work applications and data. 

Additional Benefits of Remote Working

Highly Available Virtual Servers 

  • Minimises hardware and software downtime 
  • Maximises business continuity 

Automated Backup & Restore 

  • All servers backed up hourly 
  • Files can be restored in under 15 minutes 

Network Monitoring 

  • Hosted platform monitored for errors 24/7 
  • Issues highlighted and resolved before they impact the business 
  • Bandwidth, usage and availability constantly monitored 

Anti-virus & Firewall 

  • Best in class anti-virus as standard 
  • Robust Firewalls for maximum protection from malicious attacks 

Optional Disaster Recovery Services 

Discover more about our disaster recovery hosted platform services which: 

Find out more about our SAP Business One Hosting or download SAP Business One - Remote Working leaflet 

Contact us now to find out how easy it is to work efficiently and remotely at home: 


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