IT Support Services

If you do not have your own IT resource, then engage with us at Kinetek. We can take care of your day to day IT issues and support your IT managers in their role and take pressure away from your internal resource.

Kinetek 3rd Line Support

We complement existing IT departments. Using our specialist knowledge in modern technology, we enable you to make informed decisions about what technologies you should be implementing into your environment.

We help with the deployment of your chosen technologies and enable your on-site IT staff to deal with day-to-day issues. Any issues that are more complex can be passed to us, we can then assist in issue resolution, or if needed we can refer to our partners for assistance. We are constantly updating our skill set, so you don’t have to. 

Kinetek 3rd Line Support 
Advanced Problem Resolution

IT Health Checks / Patching

Depending upon requirements we can provide a monthly or quarterly health check service which will check your key servers are functioning at an optimum level. We will make recommendations based on these checks and discuss any findings with the customer.

We offer a quarterly patch service where all key servers will be updated with the latest patch and firmware releases. This is great for those devices that tend to be ignored after initial deployments. This can also reduce downtime if problems occur, as these updates will not have to be loaded on retrospectively. Often the importance of these updates is overlooked to the detriment of the business. These patches are applied in a controlled fashion outside of normal business hours with a regression plan in place.

We provide extended support for business-critical issues that can be easily scaled up or down according to your business priorities. Our service delivery is aligned to your business needs, so call us to discuss your requirements.

To discuss the benefits of our support services in more detail, call us on 01625 531413.



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