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“We offer a range of services relating to Anti-Virus solutions. Our preferred partner is as they offer some of the best available protections on the market. We often mix and match the services to best suit the business based on cost and functionality.”

The benefits of a cloud-based solution from Symantec:

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Email Filtering and Virus Protection - Email / Email

Email is more than just a messaging platform; it is also a repository for much of a company’s critical information. It is vital that email systems are not only protected from viruses and spammers, but administrators should also have control of what is coming into or leaving the network via email.

Symantec MessageLabs Email service gives peace of mind for anyone responsible for the security and management of their organisation’s email. This service deploys effective internet-level defence against Spam and viruses before they reach your network.

Symantec MessageLabs Email service gives the same level of protection as and it allows customisable control over email content entering and leaving your organisation, helping to provide protection against illegal risks.

Web Protect and Control - Safe Internet Browsing for Business Users

MessageLabs Web blocks web-borne virus, spyware and phishing threats and controls web traffic through URL filtering, enabling enforcement of Web acceptable use policies. Operating at the internet level, MessageLabs Web blocks threats before they reach your network and uses URL filtering to restrict Web access by category, user, time of day, URL, or file type. Support for roaming users extends protection and policy enforcement to employees who access the Internet from outside the corporate network.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection for Servers, PCs and Laptops

Symantec Endpoint offers comprehensive security for your Windows-based computer systems as a hosted service; helping you centrally manage security requirements for your business via a Web-based console and without installing additional hardware or management software.


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